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SurveyHealthcare Acquires OMR Globus, The Largest Independent Panel of Healthcare Professionals Across Europe and the Americas

Adds over 515,000 new Healthcare Professionals to their global proprietary panel. Enhances existing panels in Europe, USA & Canada, while gaining access into Poland, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland; Brazil and Mexico

OCTOBER 2, 2019, NEW YORK, NY: SurveyHealthcare (SHC), a market leader in healthcare data collection and custom survey solutions announced today that it has acquired OMR Globus, a full-service, global data collection agency and proprietary sample provider.

OMR Globus, founded in 2012, provides a full suite of data collection services in the healthcare space to market research agencies, independent consultants, and other data collection firms. Their ability to continuously cultivate panels across nearly a dozen countries, has enabled the firm to scale its offering rapidly and provide its clients access to new sets of highly engaged, responsive sample.

Founded in 2009 with a North American focus, SurveyHealthcare set out to build a diverse set of panel communities in the healthcare space. In 2015, they expanded their vision into Europe, with strategic initiatives to establish local offices, hire dedicated business development leaders, onboard local operational expertise, and launch bespoke European panel building. Now, with the integration of OMR Globus, SurveyHealthcare will significantly scale its existing capabilities in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, while providing new reach into Poland, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland. Additionally, OMR Globus will provide first-time access for SHC in Brazil and Mexico.

SurveyHealthcare will integrate OMR Globus’ team of 15 experienced healthcare project managers into its existing global operations, doubling its European-based project management staff. This enhanced local knowledge will further expand the expertise with which SHC serves their clients. The combined staff will be led by SurveyHealthcare Founder & CEO, Jerry Arbittier, with OMR Globus’ Founding Partner, Damir Fazlic, remaining with the firm.

This achievement marks a pivotal milestone for SurveyHealthcare,” said Jerry Arbittier, Founder & CEO, SurveyHealthcare. “Having a fully-integrated global offering is the mark of a truly sophisticated data collection agency, but requires years of strategic vision, investment, and dedication to get there. Today, with the addition of OMR Globus, SurveyHealthcare takes an important leap in its continued evolution. We will now have even greater access to international resources, which leaves SHC better positioned to service the full breadth of our client’s needs, delivering the global capabilities they demand.”
“Our vision for OMR Globus has always focused on providing the broadest, full-service data collection capabilities available anywhere in the world. Today, we have the opportunity to announce the next chapter,” said Damir Fazlic, Founding Partner, OMR Globus. “SurveyHealthcare is a premiere supplier in our space, and with this deal, their offering grows even stronger. I am excited to remain onboard as part of the leadership team, as I know both sides share the same core values and focus that will drive continued success.”

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Apollo Intelligence’s mission is to accelerate health innovation to improve life. In 2019, Apollo launched with the acquisition of  InCrowd, the pioneer of real-time automated insights for the life sciences industry. To complement  InCrowd and strengthen its global reach, in 2020 Apollo acquired Survey Healthcare Global, the global market leader of first-party healthcare data collection and custom survey solutions. Apollo provides access to 2M healthcare stakeholders worldwide—including physicians, patients, caregivers, and allied healthcare professionals. Apollo’s 220+ employees support top global pharmaceutical brands, market research agencies, and consultancies across 13 different countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information about Apollo, please visit our website at

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