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Case Studies



AI Swarm

Learn how SHG used artificial intelligence as part of an innovative qualitative fieldwork solution to achieve a 98% show rate.


See how SHG completed a quantitative Key Opinion Leader mapping engagement within the Oncology, Cardiac, and Orthopedic surgery segments in only 6 weeks.


Explore the global obesity study that SHG conducted to deliver over 2,700 respondents across 11 markets.

Patients & Caregivers

Discover the different patient and caregiver types, methodologies, and services SHG works with to deliver quality data and insights.


Learn how SHG delivered 271 Rheumatologist interviews for a worry-free, quantitative data collection solution for the client.

Women’s Health

See how SHG delivered high quality quantitative study results in just 7 days, focused on women’s health in the United States. 

Eczema Treaters & Sufferers

Uncover how SHG’s full-service approach to delivering nearly 50,000 responses in tough-to-reach target markets for an Eczema study.

Management Consultants

See how SHG served as a thought partner in a qualitative project on private equity due diligence in the medical equipment sector

Ovarian Cancer

Discover how SHG successfully recruited an EU5 + US HCP study on Ovarian Cancer, delivering 400 respondents across the US & Europe. 

Rare Disease

Explore how SHG gathered data for a qualitative global project focused on Rare Disease Indication, including 70 interviews from a low prevalence category.


Learn how SHG delivered a full-service solution to achieve 253 completed interviews with  veterinarians within a two-week time frame.