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Qualitative Research



Unearth Emerging Trends

Go beyond quantitative findings to uncover emerging trends, behaviors, and attitudes among key target audiences with SHG’s Qualitative Research services. From in-house global recruitment and expert project management to facility rental, moderation, and vendor coordination, we have all of your qualitative needs covered.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our qualitative team spans across the US and Europe, offering local solutions to global qualitative fieldwork needs.

Network of Facilities

An extensive network of local facility options provide a broad range of possibilities in any geographical area wherever you need it.

Expert Moderators

Relationships with highly experienced, local market moderators native to respondent languages & customs who have expertise across a wide range of methodologies and therapeutic areas.

Project Management

SHG’s expert team of healthcare project managers drive projects to completion with unsurpassed customer service to ensure a flawless delivery.

Qualitative Discussion

Extensive Research Methodologies

We recruit for a wide range of qualitative research methodologies.

  • Pilots & Pre-testing In-Depth Face-to-Face
  • Web-Assisted Telephone Interview
  • Webcam-In-Depth Interview
  • Bulletin Board
  • Round Table Discussion
  • Global Conference
  • Dyad / Triads
  • Online Focus Group
  • Shadowing
  • Ethnography Research
  • Advisory Board
  • Custom Recruit to Mobile App
  • Custom Recruit to Interactive
  • Voice-Response
  • Medical Consult
  • Patient Journey

Your Choice of Deliverables

Our team can coordinate any type of deliverable.

Transcriptions in English & Native Languages

Answer to Excel, Content Analysis

Top Line, Summary & Full Report

Programming of Discussion Guides

Document Translations


Local Language Moderation and Simultaneous Translation

Swarm of Bees

Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI Swarm Case Study

Social creatures, when working together as unified systems, can outperform the vast majority of individual members when solving problems and making decisions. Applying that principle to market research, Swarm combines the power of AI with the depth of real-time customer feedback, providing more accurate and actionable insights than traditional methods in a fraction of the time. Learn how we successfully launched US swarms within a targeted oncologist group.