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We Provide Measurable Healthcare Expert Opinions

SHG offers unprecedented access to 2 million healthcare professionals and providers worldwide, including 200,000 healthcare professionals and providers in Europe and 500,000 sufferers/caregivers. Our seasoned project management experts become an extension of your own in-house team, partnering with you to streamline and optimize data collection at every stage of your project including survey design, recruitment, programming, fielding, and output.

High-Quality Results

Rigorous quality control processes at every stage of the project, from programming the survey to a full assessment of the data set.

HealthTech Amp

Our proprietary healthcare technology suite spans 4 seamlessly integrated applications, redefining the standard for healthcare data collection.

Express Fielding

The same gold-standard quality, accuracy, and service that clients expect, but in half the fielding time with unlimited question types and audiences.

Target Incidence Check

Take the unknowns out of the RFP process, and ensure a perfect proposal with  FREE incidence checks prior to fielding.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

Statistically robust results to support healthcare expert analysis

SHG’s Quantitative Research services marry sophisticated survey techniques with our industry leading panel to fulfill your healthcare data collection needs. Our quantitative surveys are designed to engage respondents and retain their attention throughout the duration of the survey, thereby reducing survey fatigue.

Qualitative Research

A more flexible, in-depth exploration of healthcare professional perspectives

Often used in conjunction with our quantitative services, SHG’s qualitative offering provides the opportunity to better understand emerging trends, behaviors, and attitudes among your target healthcare audience than quantitative work alone might provide.

Full Service

Full Service

A full suite of service offerings to support every phase of your data collection

SHG offers more than access to our proprietary, global panel of healthcare professionals and physicians. From assistance with questionnaires to programming and hosting, through to final coding and tabulation, we work tirelessly to transform your questionnaire into a complex and engaging, fully-functioning survey.