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HealthTech AMP™



Tech-Enabled Quality Assurance & Compliance

SHG is at the forefront of the ever-evolving challenges in healthcare market research. HealthTech AMP™ is our powerful internal research management tool that incorporates quality assurance and compliance standards throughout every stage of the project lifecycle.

Our Success Model in Steps

At SHG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ongoing innovation. For over a decade, SHG has been rolling out customized tools to solve each new challenge presented by the ever-evolving healthcare market research landscape. Today we offer all those solutions under one powerful and proprietary technology platform – SHG’s HealthTech AMP™. Every project SHG runs utilizes the HealthTech AMP™ as our internal research management interface, allowing our team full flexibility to incorporate each application, as needed, at any time throughout the project lifecycle.



The HUB is a sampling solution that allows multiple sample providers to recruit at one time, in one centralized fielding effort.

List Mirror

List Mirror is used to overcome common list match difficulties that would otherwise hinder successful fieldwork. 

Authentic ID

Authentic ID is a custom built, patent-pending technology that identifies duplicate responses as well as false positives.

PM Assist

PM Assist is a tool utilized by SHG project managers to schedule automated study updates to all clients, internal contacts, and additional partners.

Email Relay

Email Relay enables our clients to communicate with respondents while maintaining complete anonymity.

Qual Scheduler

Qual Scheduler automates the scheduling process to create a more efficient interview experience and mitigate common issues. Learn more>>