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Join over 1.3 million* healthcare professionals from across the globe who are influencing the future of the healthcare industry through SHG research initiatives!

Members of the SHG network share their first-hand experience and expertise through online surveys and in-depth interviews. You will be matched with research opportunities that target your areas of expertise, allowing you to provide your insights and ideas in the areas you care about most.

By participating in SHG research opportunities you will not only earn honorarium, you will also be exposed to the trends and new treatment options that are under development by leading pharmaceutical and medical device firms.

Happy HCPs

It is entertaining, you learn and you get paid. In time. I always get a thrill when a see another chance to participate in a survey with you. I know that I am voicing not just my opinion but an overall opinion of my colleagues. I wish the best because that is what we get from you.

Dr. S
Joined 12/3/2011

The topics are clinically relevant and I feel that I can share my expertise and contribute to the research projects, which could lead to better treatments and improved healthcare.

Dr. K
Hematology & Oncology
Joined 8/29/2016

There are other companies that also run medical surveys, but no one operates as efficiently and consistently as you all at OpinionSite. It is a pleasure to work together with you all.”

Dr. C
Joined 4/4/2013

In the process of sharing experience, I have found this community a platform where I see how other physicians may think like me or think differently. The arena gives room to improve me knowing that I will make open my practice philosophy. It is rewarding mentally and economically.

Dr. I
Pathology Hematology
Joined 7/15/2015


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