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In the last two years, SHG has completed more than 257 Surgery projects, delivering 23,374 completes for our clients. From these studies, we pulled together some interesting statistics which we have summarized below. At SHG, our singular focus is on healthcare data collection aiming to share our expertise with our clients every step of the research process – from initial proposal to final data deliverable. Throughout the process, we employ a specialized suite of proprietary technologies that are always evolving to address the dynamic needs of our clients. Choose SHG and leverage unparalleled panel access, powerful customized tools, and unmatched industry know-how.





What we can achieve: Global Access

Our panel of Physicians and Allied Healthcare Professionals is known for quality, with respondents spanning the Americas, Canada, Europe and Asia. SHG’s unmatched reach, backed by our rigorous quality controls, provides access to representative samples you can trust.

Did You Know?

3 M
Cataract surgery is the most common procedure in the USA, with 3 M cases per year.


of people remain conscious during an operation where general anesthesia was provided.


4 Days
The longest surgery to ever take place was in 2001 at the Singapore General Hospital. It took a team of 20 doctors 4 days to separate twins.