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Behavioral / Mental Health

Behavioral / Mental Health

In the last two years, SHG has completed more than 241 Behavioral / Mental Health projects, delivering 13,515 completes for our clients. From these studies, we pulled together the estimated incidence by specific disease that are highlighted below. By leveraging our proprietary technology, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure perfect delivery for our clients.

At SHG, our singular focus is on healthcare data collection aiming to share our expertise with our clients every step of the research process – from initial proposal to final data deliverable. Throughout the process, we employ a specialized suite of proprietary technologies that are always evolving to address the dynamic needs of our clients.

Choose SHG and leverage unparalleled panel access, powerful customized tools, and unmatched industry know-how.





What we can achieve: Global Access

Our panel and network of over two million is known for its quality respondents and spans the Americas, Canada, Europe and Asia. Our unmatched reach, backed with our rigorous quality control, guarantees that the end result will always be nothing less than perfect data.

Knowledge is power!

Over 44 Million Americans currently suffer from mental health issues, and 1 in 5 reported having an unmet need for treatment. SHG paired up with Mental Health America with the common goal of bringing to light some of the pressing issues surrounding mental health illnesses, including early identification, environmental impact, and treatment and support. We can all play a role in overcoming the negative stigmas associated with mental illness, by educating ourselves with quality information and facts.