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Rob Demento
Chief Strategy & Administrative Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer for Apollo Intelligence, Rob oversees operations for Apollo, InCrowd, and Survey Healthcare Global. Rob is passionate about creating amazing customer experiences with technology. He started his career as an intellectual property lawyer at a large firm in New York City where he realized that he’d much rather be doing his clients’ jobs than his own. This led him down an entrepreneurial product innovation career path and he has never looked back. The common themes across Rob’s previous roles at Vodori, Mira, and Docent Health are: digital, healthcare & health/wellness, product and growth with functional expertise in strategy, operations, marketing, and technology. Rob loves live music and sampling Boston’s newest culinary offerings with his wife, and spending time with his two young sons. Rob holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University, a JD from Villanova University, Charles Widger School of Law, and an MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management.