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James Ingram
Head of Commercial, EU

James Ingram, Head of Commercial, EU, at Survey Healthcare Global, leads the European sales team and is responsible for growth and relationships across Europe. James is a seasoned sales leader with a distinguished career in market research spanning over two decades. His expertise lies in harnessing sales his acumen to drive strategy and business growth while fostering enduring client partnerships. He joins SHG from his previous role as Vice President of Sales at Dynata, where he served for 13 years. James excels in complex sales, data collection, negotiation for mutual benefit, and building high-performing sales teams. Prior to his time at Dynata, James spent eight years at RONIN Corporation, leading their client service team which focused on market research with healthcare professionals and high-level B2B respondents.

Fun Fact

When he's not excelling in his role as a sales leader, James commits his time to coaching girls' football (also known as "soccer" in the United States).