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Physician Insights on Childhood Obesity
Published Aug 29, 2019

In recognition of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, the team at SurveyHealthcare is
releasing exclusive findings from a recent research-on-research engagement, focusing on Childhood
Obesity. We surveyed 225+ healthcare professionals from our proprietary community on their
prescribing habits, treatment recommendations, and follow-up routines.

Our research was based on insights from Primary Care Physicians, Nurse Practitioners/Physician
Assistants, Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, Dietitians, Nutritionists and Bariatricians.

Childhood Obesity Insurance and Comorbidity Findings

SHG also found that only 23% of children or adolescents are willing to effectively manage their weight while 49% of their parents are willing to support their child’s weight management.

What Doctors Say About Childhood Obesity

“Kids that do not grow up in a household where exercise and healthy eating is a priority are bound to be much less willing to treat their obesity.”

“In my practice it is rare that an obese child does not have obese or overweight parent(s).”

For more of SHG’s global expertise on obesity, view our Obesity Case Study and explore how we successfully delivered 2,700 completes for a quantitative obesity study across 11 markets through use of our proprietary panel, as well as our trusted partner network.

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